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Across the Wire


Parole e musica di Joey Burns
Nell’album intitolato “Feast of Wire”
Alberto hits his brother on the back of the head
Contributed by Bernart Bartleby 2015/9/15 - 09:00

Victor Jara's Hands

Album: "Carried to Dust" (2008)
Wire fences still coiled with flowers of the night
Contributed by DoNQuijote82 2012/3/11 - 17:56

The Guns of Brixton

Lyrics & Music by Paul Simenon
Album: London Calling

The song has a strong reggae influence, reflecting the culture of the area, with a knowing nod to the classic reggae gangster film, "The Harder They Come". It was written and sung by bassist Paul Simonon who grew up in Brixton, south London. It pre-dates the race riots that took place in the 1980s in Brixton, but the lyrics depict the feelings of discontent that were building due to heavy-handedness of the police that led to the riots, the recession and other problems at that time...

Il brano è stato oggetto di molte cover da parte di numerosi gruppi nel corso degli anni, tra cui gli Arcade Fire, i Red Hot Chili Peppers, Unwritten Law, i Dropkick Murphys, i Rancid, Jeff Klein, i Bandits, i Nouvelle Vague, i Calexico, gli Optimus Rhyme, i My Red Hot Nightmare, la punk band tedesca dei Die Toten Hosen, il gruppo argentino dei Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, i Libertines, e il cantautore Enrico Ruggeri.
When they kick at your front door
Contributed by giorgio 2010/6/15 - 08:24

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