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The American Dream

Too many lawyers in football
2015/4/14 - 21:01

Kiss Mother Nature Goodbye

The oil tankers poisoned the oceans
2014/12/18 - 04:45
Song Itineraries: War on Earth

Outlaw Women

She works in a bank and she works in a store
Contributed by John Doe 2014/12/15 - 05:06

Twodot Montana

I bet you've been wondering why you ain't heard from me
Contributed by John Doe 2014/12/15 - 04:18
Song Itineraries: From World Jails
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Searching For A Soldier's Grave

Una canzone scritta da Jim Anglin che ne cedette poi i diritti a Roy Claxton Acuff, "The King of Country Music", country singer e promoter del genere. Il brano è anche un cavallo di battaglia degli Hank Williams Sr. e Jr e pure di Bob Dylan, che lo esegue spesso dal vivo a partire dal concerto di Portland del 2000.
You ask me, stranger, why I make this journey
Contributed by Alessandro 2010/1/28 - 09:05

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