איציק װיטענבערג

Shmerke Katsherginski [Shmerke Kaczerginski] / שמערקע קאַטשערגינסקי
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Somewhere crouching, hiding,Somewhere the enemy
The foe, beastlike, biding,Lies hidden like a beast
The mauzer keeps watch in my handThe Mauser in my hand is alert
Suddenly the GestapoBut suddenly - the Gestapo -
Leads one whom they've trapped oh!Leading our Commandant in chains
Through darkness, it's our commandant.Through the darkness
With lightning the nightNight in the Ghetto
Tears the ghetto with fright.Was torn by lightning
There's danger about and fears mount,"Beware!" shrieks a buidling, a wall
Dear friends so devoted,Faithful comrades
Chains must be exploded,Freed from chains
And vanish must our commandant.Vanished with the Commandant
Night faded, it tore us,Night has flown by
As death stood before us.Death hovered before us
The ghetto in fever did pant.The Ghetto is shaken as with fever"
In turmoil the ghetto -Restless the Ghetto
Commands the Gestapo:As Gestapo threatens:
It's death or it's your commandant."Your commandant, or Death!"
Then spoke up our ItsikItzik then spoke up -
As quick as a blink isWords that struck like lightning
“I must heed this edict, that's clear."I do not want that because of me
I'll not forfeit your lives,Your lives are to be put
To the tyrants' cruel knives.”in the hands of the foe..."
To death he goes without fear.Proudly to his death went our Commandant!
Again crouching, hiding,Again, somewhere the enemy
The foe, beastlike, biding,Lurks like a beast;
Again mauzer guards in my hand.The Mauser is alert in my hand
Now you're dear to me,No, my Mauser,
My savior you must be,Be you the liberator
Now you must be my commandant.Be you my Commandant now.

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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