איציק װיטענבערג

Shmerke Katsherginski [Shmerke Kaczerginski] / שמערקע קאַטשערגינסקי
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La versione inglese pubblicata in לידער פֿון די געטאָס און לאַגערן (194...
S'ligt ergets fartayetSomewhere crouching, hiding,
Der faynd, vi a khaye,The foe, beastlike, biding,
Der mauzer er vakht in mayn hant;The mauzer keeps watch in my hand
Nor plutsem - geshtapo!Suddenly the Gestapo
Es firt a geshmidtnLeads one whom they've trapped oh!
Durkh fintsternish dem komendantThrough darkness, it's our commandant.
Di nakht hot mit blitsnWith lightning the night
Dos geto tserisn:Tears the ghetto with fright.
"Gefar!" Shrayt a toyer, a vantThere's danger about and fears mount,
Khaveyrim getrayeDear friends so devoted,
Fun keytn bafrayenChains must be exploded,
Farshvindn mit dem komendant...And vanish must our commandant.
Di nakht iz farfloygnNight faded, it tore us,
Der toyt- far di oygnAs death stood before us.
Dos geto es fibert in brand;The ghetto in fever did pant.
In umru dos geto -In turmoil the ghetto -
Es drot di geshtapo:Commands the Gestapo:
"Toyt, oder dem komendant"It's death or it's your commandant.
Gezogt hot dan ItsikThen spoke up our Itsik
Un durkh, vi a blits iz:As quick as a blink is
-"Ikh vil nit, ir zolt tsulib mir“I must heed this edict, that's clear.
Darfn dos lebnI'll not forfeit your lives,
Dem soyne opgebn!"...To the tyrants' cruel knives.”
Tsum toyt geyt shtolts der komandirTo death he goes without fear.
Ligt vider fartayetAgain crouching, hiding,
Der faynt, vi a khayeThe foe, beastlike, biding,
Vakhst vider mayn mauzer in hant:Again mauzer guards in my hand.
"Itst bist mir tayer,Now you're dear to me,
Zay du mayn bafrayer,My savior you must be,
Zay du itster mayn komendant!".Now you must be my commandant.

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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