Georges Brassens: Les passantes

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La versione spagnola trascritta dal Video YouTube
I sing you a song that I offerQuiero dedicar este poema
To all the women you love fora todas las mujeres que amamos
A moment, a brief secret timedurante algunos instantes secretos.
To those that you scarcely had met whenA las que conocemos apenas,
A different destiny led themque un destino indiferente se lleva
To places you can't even findy que no volveremos a encontrar.
To her that you saw for an instantA la que vemos aparecer
Appear at her window quite distantun segundo en su ventana
Then suddenly vanish away,y que rápidamente se desvanece.
Her slim silhouette, a mere outlinePero cuya esbelta silueta
So gracefully faded for all timees tan graciosa y delicada
But filled you with joy come to stayque nos quedamos maravillados.
To her on a train you were travellingA la compañera de viaje
Whose beautiful eyes left you marvellingcuyos ojos, encantador paisaje
And shortened the journey so much,hacen parecer corto el camino.
Perhaps you alone understood her,Que somos los únicos en comprenderla
you watched her get out: but you could noty que aún así dejamos que baje
Even give her soft hand one light touchsin haber rozado su mano.
To women already bespokenA las que ya están comprometidas
Who find their life's a mere tokeny que viviendo horas grises
With someone that seems not to care.cerca de un ser demasiado diferente,
They once, in a moment of madnessnos han, inútil locura,
Described the unbearable sadnessdejado ver la melancolía
When life holds our only despairde un futuro desesperante.
The vision once glimpsed and idealised,Queridas imágenes percibidas,
The shortest-lived hopes, never realised,esperanzas frustradas de un día,
Remains in our minds just one dayestaréis en el olvido mañana.
Whatever brief happiness takes youCon solo un poco de felicidad que tengamos,
The memory will quickly forsake youes raro que nos acordemos
Of those you once met on your wayde los episodios del camino.
But feeling your life has been wastedPero si te han faltado en la vida,
You wish with regret that you'd tastedsoñamos con algo de envidia
And known what these joys might have been:con todas estas dichas divisadas,
The kisses you dared not discover,en los besos que no osamos tomar,
The hearts that await you forever,en los corazones que deben esperarnos,
Those eyes and their glances unseenen los ojos que jamás hemos vuelto a ver.
When weariness lengthens your eveningsEntonces, en los noches de lasitud,
You people your solitude, grieving,que pueblan nuestra soledad
With phantoms your memory retainscon los fantasmas del recuerdo,
You mourn absent lips of these countlesslloramos los labios ausentes
Fair passers-by briefly encounteredde todas las bellas transeúntes
You didn't know how to detain.que no supimos retener.

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