Masters Of War

Bob Dylan
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OriginalLATINO / LATIN - Riccardo Venturi
Come you masters of warHuc venite, domini bellatores,
You that build all the gunsvos, qui bellica tormenta fabricamini
You that build the death planesatque mortiferas aƫronaves
You that build the big bombsatque omnis speciei pyrobolos
You that hide behind wallsvos, qui muris occultamini,
You that hide behind desksvos, qui sub scriptoria latetis
I just want you to knowhoc tantum volo, ut sciatis
I can see through your masksme videre posse per vestras personas
You that never done nothin'Vos, qui nihil umquam fecistis
But build to destroynisi construere ad destruendum,
You play with my worldvos orbe meo terrarum luditis
Like it's your little toytamquam si esset crepundia vestra
You put a gun in my handatque mihi in manus balistam
And you hide from my eyesponitis latentes igniferam
And you turn and run fartheret fugam versis tergis capitis
When the fast bullets flyrapidis pyrobolis pervolantibus
Like Judas of oldUt Iudas tempore antiquo
You lie and deceivemendacia capitis fraudesque,
A world war can be wonmihi persuadere totius orbis
You want me to believebellum vinci posse vultis
But I see through your eyessed per oculos vestros video
And I see through your brainatque per cerebrum vestrum
Like I see through the watersicut in aquam defluentem
That runs down my drainvideo ad cloacam
You fasten the triggersTela ignivoma quibus aliis
For the others to firepugnandum erit aptatis,
Then you set back and watchpostea mortuorum augescentem
When the death count gets higherrationem in otio percensetis
You hide in your mansionbene obtecti in castris vestris
As young people's blooddum puerorum cruor effluit
Flows out of their bodiese corporum vulneribus
And is buried in the mudlutoque admiscitur in humum
You've thrown the worst fearNequissimus terror
That can ever be hurledeffecistis ut diffunderetur,
Fear to bring childrenterror humanam
Into the worldprogeniem pariendi.
For threatening my babyMeo puero cum minemini
Unborn and unnamedsine nomine et non nato,
You ain't worth the bloodut fluat sanguis in venis
That runs in your veinsvestris digni non estis.
How much do I knowQuis ego sum, ut loquar
To talk out of turnsine facultate ac licentia?
You might say that I'm youngMe esse puerum vitae
You might say I'm unlearnedvalde inexpertum dicetis.
But there's one thing I knowSed hoc tantum bene scio
Though I'm younger than youetiamsi minor sim natu:
Even Jesus would neverhoc scio, scelera vestra
Forgive what you doIuppiter adeo non condonaturum.
Let me ask you one questionEx vobis hoc tantum requiram:
Is your money that goodpretiosissima censetisne vestra
Will it buy you forgivenesspecunia ad emercandam
Do you think that it couldcaelestium misericordiam uti?
I think you will findSed invenietis cum portorium
When your death takes its tollad Tartarum vobis sit dandum
All the money you madeomnes divitias a vobis coactas
Will never buy back your soulad animam redimendam non iuvaturas.
And I hope that you dieEt spes me tenet vos morituros,
And your death'll come soonde morte vestra spero quam primum.
I will follow your casketVobis in funus prodibo
In the pale afternoonin vespertina maligna luce,
And I'll watch while you're loweredaspiciens corpora vestra
Down to your deathbedspoliata contegi sepulchro,
And I'll stand o'er your gravesedens in tumulo donec certus
'Til I'm sure that you're deadsim de morte vestra.

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