Gelem, gelem

Žarko Jovanović
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a. Standard Lyrics

Gelem, gelem lungone dromencar
Maladilem baxtale Romencar
A Romalen kotar tumen aven
E chaxrencar bokhale chhavencar

A Romalen, A chhavalen

Sasa vi man bari familiya
Mudardas la i Kali Lègiya
Saren chhindas vi Romen vi Romnyan
Mashkar lende vi tikne chhavoren

A Romalen, A chhavalen

Putar Devla te kale udara
Te shay dikhav kay si me manusha
Palem ka gav lungone dromencar
Ta ka phirav baxtale Romencar

A Romalen, A chhavalen

Opre Roma isi vaxt akana
Ayde mancar sa lumaqe Roma
O kalo muy ta e kale yakha
Kamava len sar e kale drakha

A Romalen, A chhavalen


I went, I went on long roads
I met happy Roma
O Roma where do you come from,
With tents on happy roads?

O Roma, O fellow Roma

I once had a great family,
The Black Legions murdered them
Come with me Roma from all the world
For the Roma roads have opened
Now is the time, rise up Roma now,
We will rise high if we act

O Roma, O fellow Roma



I have travelled over long roads
I have met fortunate Roma
I have travelled far and wide
I have met lucky Roma

Oh, Romani adults, Oh Romani youth
Oh, Romani adults, Oh Romani youth

Oh, Roma, from wherever you have come
With your tents along lucky roads
I too once had a large family
But the black legion murdered them

Come with me, Roma of the world
To where the Romani roads have been opened
Now is the time – stand up, Roma,
We shall succeed where we make the effort.

Oh, Roma adults, Oh, Roma youth
Oh, Roma adults, Oh, Roma youth

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