La prière [including Il n'y a pas d'amour heureux and Preghiera in gennaio]

Georges Brassens
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Versione sarda di Elena Ledda della “Preghiera in gennaio” di...

May blossoms adorn
his pathway, Lord,
when to you his spirit
and to the world his skin
he'll have to hand back in,
when he comes to your heaven,
there where in broad daylight
the stars shine bright.

When he crosses
the last old bridge,
to the suicides he will say,
kissing them on the forehead,
"Come you all to Paradise,
there where I too am going,
because there's no Hell
in the world of the good Lord."

Make it so he joins You
with his tired bones,
followed by thousands
of those white faces.
Make it so he returns to You,
in contempt among the dead,
who to heaven and to earth
displayed their courage.

All you right-thinking sirs,
I hope not to displease you
if in heaven, in the midst of the saints,
God, in his embrace,
will hush the sob
of those pale lips
that, over hatred and ignorance,
preferred death.

God of mercy,
your beautiful Paradise
you have made, above all,
for whoever didn’t smile,
for those who lived
with a clear conscience.
Hell exists only
for those who fear it.

None better than he
can ever show you
the errors of us all,
whom you can and do want to save.
Listen to his voice
that now sings in the wind.
God of mercy,
you will see, you will be pleased.

God of mercy,
you will see, you will be pleased.

Lassa chi siat froria
o Deus, sa 'ia sua
candu a tui issu s'ànima
e is carris a su mundu
at a depi torrai
candu at lompi a celu
aundi giai aintr''e dì
innia luxint steddus.

Candu at a tressai
s' ùrtimu ponti nostu
at a nai a is suicidus
basendiddis su fronti
benei a su paradisu
aundi seu andendi deu
poita no nc' est s'inferru
in su mundu de Deus.

Fei chi lompat a bosu
cun is ossus cansaus
sighius de milli e milli
de cussas caras craras
faei chi a bosu torrit
intr''e is mortus pro ofesa
chi a su celu e a sa terra
alentu ant a amostau.

Genti bona e sabia
speru no si dispraxat
si in celu, in mes'' e is santus
Deus imprassendiddu
at a firmai is sucutus
de cussas lavas grogas
chi a s'òdiu e a s'innoràntzia
prefèrriu ant sa morti.

Deus de misericòrdia
su bellu paradisu
prus che tottu dd' as fatu
po chini no at arrìsu
po cuddus chi ant bìviu
a cuscièntzia nida
s'inferru esistit solu
po chini est timoria.

Mellus de issu nisciunus
t'at a pod' inditai
de totus nosu is fartas
chi po' is e 'olis sarvai
sa boxi sua iscurta
cantendi imoi in su bentu
Deus de misericòrdia
gei as a essiri cuntentu.‎

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