Ritmo delle scolte modenesi [O tu qui servas armis ista moenia]

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1 O tu qui servas armis ista moenia,
2 Noli dormire, moneo, sed vigila!

3 Dum Haector vigil extitit in Troia,
4 Non eam cepit fraudulenta Gretia.

5 Prima quiete dormiente Troia
6 Laxavit Synon fallax claustra perfida.

7 Per funem lapsa ocultata agmina
8 Invadunt urbem et incendunt Pergama.

9 Vigili voce avis anser candida
10 Fugavit Gallos ex arce Romulea.

Eius clangore Marcus consul Manlius
Excitus primus vir bello egregius

Umbone gallum iam in summo positum
Ictum in preceps deturbat miserrimum.

Avis haec vigil salus viri plurima
Capitolinis, sed Gallis nequissima.

11 Pro qua virtute facta est argentea
12 Et a Romanis adorata ut dea.

13 Nos adoremus caelsa Christi numina:
14 Illi canora demus nostra iubila,

15 Illius magna fisi sub custodia,
16 Haec vigilantes iubilemus carmina:

17 Divina mundi, rex Christe, custodia,
18 Sub tua serva haec castra vigilia.

19 Tu murus tuis sis inexpugnabilis,
20 Sis inimicis hostis tu terribilis.

21 Te vigilante nulla nocet fortia,
22 Qui cuncta fugas procul arma bellica.

Confessor Christi, pie Dei famule,
Geminiane, exorando supplica,

Ut hoc flagellum, quod meremur miseri,
Celorum regis evadamus gratia.

Nam doctus eras Attile temporibus
Portas pandendo liberare subditos.

Nunc te rogamus, licet servi pessimi,
Ab Ungerorum nos defendas iaculis.

Patroni summi exorate iugiter
Servis puris implorantes Dominum.

23 Tu cinge nostra haec, Christe, munimina,
24 Defendens ea tua forti lancea.

25 Sancta Maria, mater Christi splendida,
26 Haec, cum Iohanne, teothocos, impetra,

27 Quorum hic sancta venerantur pignora
28 Et quibus ista sunt sacrata numina.

29 Quo duce, victrix est in bello dextera
30 Et sine ipso nihil valent iacula. –

31 Fortis iuventus, virtus audax bellica,
32 vestra per muros audiantur carmina,

33 Et sit in armis alterna vigilia,
34 Ne fraus hostilis haec invadat moenia.

35 Resultet haecco comes: – eia, vigila! –,
36 Per muros: – eia, – dicat haecco – vigila!»
Song of the Watchmen of Modena

Good men who guard those walls tonight with arms,
I warn you: do not sleep. Stand watchful guard.
While Hector stood his watch, Troy still stood free
And did not fall to any scheme of Greece.
But as Troy slept in the early morning's peace,
Sinon unlocked the gift horse of defeat.

The horde slipped down a rope in dark concealed,
Stormed into Troy and raped her to debris.
And the watchful voice of the white goose redeemed
Rome's citadel and forced the Celts to flee.
For this they made her a silver effigy
And adored the bird as a Roman deity.

But let us worship Christ's divinity
And pay to Him our tuneful jubilee.
Trusting in Him, His guardianship supreme,
Let us sing Him this wakeful hymn with cheer
"Christ, King of all things, guardian godhead, keep
This faithful city in Thy watchful care.

Be to Thy people a bulwark none may breach,
The fearsome enemy our enemies fear.
Within Thy care no power can do us harm
For Thou wilt drive all hostile force afar.
Keep these our walls O Christ, under Thy care
With the protection of Thy mighty spear.
And Glorious Mary, mother of Lord Jesus
With Saint John's aid entreat our victory,
You whose most holy relics we revere,
To whom we consecrate this chapel here."
Swords under Christ's command strike victory.
Without Him, of what use can weapons be?

Brave, good young men, bold in your strength of arms
Let the ramparts sound with song from wakeful hearts;
And take your turns to stand at arms on guard
That no foe's ploy may breach these walls of ours.
Let the echo sound along the walls "Stand guard!"
Let it resound "Comrades, stand watchful guard!"

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