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Killed by drones
My mother, my father,
My sister and my brother
My son and my daughter
killed by drones
Scafazzati dê druna,
Matri, patri,
soru e frati,
figghiu e figghia
scafazzati dê druna
Our lives between your finger and your thumb
Can you feel anything?
Are you dead inside?
Now you can kill from the safety
of your home with drones
I nostri viti ‘ncagghiati mmenzu
i to jdita je u to puseri.
Rinnesci a sentiri corchi cosa ?
Nô to quadumi si mortu ?
Uora hai campu libbiru ppi mmazzari
Dintra dâ to casa cu commitu je sicurizza
Cch’î druna

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