Tam v meglicah nad mursko vodo

Vlado Kreslin
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Spomnijo se še stari ljudje,
da se je rado hodilo v goste.
da si se ustavil, pobaral al' gre,
nazdravil še kakšno besedo al' dve.
The old people still remember,
that people would visit,
that they would stop and ask how things are,
and would toast with a word or two.
Včasih pa, ko je sonce zašlo
spod' goric tja v mursko vodo,
zaslišal se je tisti cimbalski glas,
pobožal je loke, pobožal je vas.
But sometimes when the sun would set,
there, under the hills, into the Mura,
you’d hear that booming voice,
caressing the meadows, caressing the village.
Da si znal srečati štiri može
z violino in brki
in kar zraven gre.
In če si ženil si hčerko al' dve,
gosli in bajs so ti zbrusli pete.
That you could meet four men
with their violins and moustaches,
and whatever else they have,
and if you wed a daughter or two,
the fiddles and bass would wear down your heels.
Včasih pa, ko se zvečeri
in zapiha z veržejske strani,
baje se jih sliši igrati glasno,
tam v meglicah nad mursko vodo.
But sometimes, when it gets dark,
and the wind blows from Veržej,
they say that you can still hear them play loudly,
there, in the mist over the Mura.

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