La ballata dell'eroe

Fabrizio De André
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Versione francese di Riccardo Venturi
He had gone off to fight in the war,A la guerre il était parti,
to give help to his voulait aider sa patrie.
They had given him the patches and the starsOn lui a donné des écussons,
and the advice to fight to the bitter end.On lui a dit de vendre chèr'ment sa peau.
And when they told him to move ahead,Mais quand on lui a ordonné d'avancer
too far he pushed on, searching for the truth.Il est allé trop loin pour chercher la verité.
Now that he’s dead, his fatherland boastsMaintenant qu'il est mort, la patrie se fait gloire
of another hero added to its memory.D'un autre héros à la mémoire.
But she who loved him waited for the returnMais elle, qui l'aimait, attendait le retour
of a living soldier. What will she make of a dead heroD'un soldat vivant, d'un héros mort que fera-t-elle
if beside her in bed she is left with the glorysi, dans le lit, il ne lui reste que la gloire
of a commemorative medallion?D'une médaille à la mémoire.

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