La ballata dell'eroe

Fabrizio De André
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La versione inglese di Dennis Criteser [2014]
He left one day, and went to warHe had gone off to fight in the war,
to give his help to his fatherland,to give help to his country.
he was given badges and starsThey had given him the patches and the stars
and then the advice to die hard.and the advice to fight to the bitter end.
But when he was ordered to advanceAnd when they told him to move ahead,
he went too far looking for the truth.too far he pushed on, searching for the truth.
Now that he is dead, they sing the gloryNow that he’s dead, his fatherland boasts
of still another hero's memory.of another hero added to its memory.
But she, who loved him, waited for the returnBut she who loved him waited for the return
of a living soldier, of a dead hero what will she makeof a living soldier. What will she make of a dead hero
if, by the bedside, she's alone with the gloryif beside her in bed she is left with the glory
of a gold medal in his memory.of a commemorative medallion?

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