Kun mun kultani tulisi

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Traduzione tedesca della versione 2 / German translation of version...
Oh were my love but here with me!
Cou'd I his well-known person see!
How shou'd I fly to his embrace,
Tho' blood of wolves diftain'd his face;
Press'd to my heart, his hand wou'd take,
Tho' 'twere encircled by a snake.
Käm' der liebe Wohlbekannte,
Völlig so wie er geschieden:
Kuß erkläng' an seinen Lippen,
Hätt' auch Wolfsblut sie gerötet;
Ihm den Handschlag gäb' ich, wären
Seine Fingerspitzen Schlangen.
Those winds that whisper thro' the wood,
Why is their speech not understood?
They might exchange the lover's pray'r,
And figh for figh returning bear.
Wind! o hättest du Verständnis,
Wort' um Worte trügst du wechselnd,
Sollt auch einiges verhallen,
Zwischen zwei entfernten Liebchen.
Ill-cook'd the rector's meals wou'd be,
Dressing his daughter wait for me,
Whilst kitchen, toilet, I forfake,
And thought of my love only take;
On that alone my care bestow,
My fummer's wish, my winter's vow.
Gern entbehrt' ich gute Bissen,
Priesters Tafelfleisch vergäß' ich
Eher, als dem Freund entsagen,
Den ich Sommers rasch bezwungen,
Winters langer Weis' bezähmte.

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