Kun mun kultani tulisi

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Jos mun tuttuni tulisi,
ennen nähtyni näkyisi,
tuntisin tutun tulosta,
arvajaisin astunnasta.
Should my treasure come
my darling step by
I'd know him by his coming
recognize him by his step
though he were still a mile off
or two miles away.
Virstan vastahan menisin,
virstan kaksi kapsahtaisin
veräjiä purkamahan,
aitoja alentamahan.
As mist I'd go out
as smoke I would reach the yard
as sparks I would speed
as flame I would fly;
I'd bowl along beside him
pout before his face.
Jos mun tuttuni tulisi,
ennen nähtyni näkyisi,
sille kättä käppäjäisin,
vaikk' ois käärme kämmenpäässä.
I would touch his hand
though a snake were in his palm
I would kiss his mouth
though doom stared him in the face
I'd climb on his neck
though death were on his neck bones
I'd stretch beside him
though his side were all bloody.
Sille suuta suikkajaisin,
vaikk' ois suu suen veressä.
Vielä kaulahankaa puisin,
vaikk' ois kalma kaulan päällä.
And yet my treasure has not
his mouth bloody from a wolf
his hands greasy from a snake
nor his neck in death's clutches;
His mouth is of melted fat
his lips are as of honey
his hands golden, fair
his neck like a heather stalk.

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