Deduc, Sion [Carmina Burana, XXXIV]

Philippus Cancellarius
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Deduc, Sion, uberrimasZion, let your tears run
Velut torrentem lacrimas!Like a river;
Nam qui pro tuis patribusFor those born your children
Nati sunt tibi filii,To succeed your patriarchs,
Quorum dedisti manibuslnto whose hands you have given
Tui sceptrum imperii,The sceptre of your power,
Fures et furum socii.Are thieves and thieves' associates.
Turbato rerum ordineThey have overthrown aIl order
Abutuntur regimineAnd abuse the duties
Pastoralis officii.Of their pastoral office.
Ad corpus infirmitasThe head' s sickness
Capitis descendit,Infects the body.
Singulosque gravitasThe disease takes hold
Artus apprehendit,Of each limb in turn.
Refrigescit caritas,Charity is chilled
Nec iam se extenditAnd does not stretch
Ad amorem proximi;To love of one's neighbour.
Nam videmus opprimiFor we see the orphan
Pupilum a potente,Persecuted by the powerful,
Nec est qui salvum faciatAnd there is no-one to save him
Vel qui iustum eripiatOr to snatch the just
Ab impio premente.From the clutches of the wicked.
Vide, Deus ultionum,Behold, a God of vengeance!
Vide, videns omnia,Behold, you who see aIl things!
Quod spelunca vispillonumThe Church has become
Facta est Ecclesia,A den of robbers.
Quod in templum SalomonisThe Prince of Babylon
Venit princeps BabylonisHas entered Solomon's temple,
Et excelsum sibi thronumAnd set up his exalted throne
Posuit in medio!In the Holy of Holies!
Sed arrepto gladioSnatch up thy sword,
Scelus hoc ulciscere!Avenge this blasphemy!
Veni, iudex gentium,Come, mankind's Judge,
Cathedras vendentiumOvertum the stalls
Columbas evertere!Of the dovesellers.

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