Escusè muà pur mon franzè

Mario Incudine
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Ma sher LuiseMy dear Louise
escusè muà pur mon franzéI apologize for my poor French
ccà sta cchiuvennuIt's raining here,
e quannu chiovi ‘n SiciliaAnd when it rains in Sicily
pare ‘a fini d'o munnuIt looks like doomsday has come.
Le jour de mon departThe day I left
tuttu lu cielu si scumminauThe sky tore apart over the earth,
l'oggi muriuToday, it's all over.
e i me cumpagniThis day carried off
si li purtauMy comrades with it.
Escusè muàI apologize
mi nni scappai senza n'salutuIf I ran away without even a farewell,
ma lu duluri mi fici mutuBut I was struck dumb by sorrow.
Je me rappelleAnd I remember
u gridu d'a terra a MarcinelleThe earth roaring in Marcinelle,
u nostru sangu nun ci abbastavaIt wasn't satisfied with our blood,
vuleva l'ossaIt craved for our bones
Si fici fossa, ma sher Luise, si fici fossaAnd turned into a grave, my dear Louise, a grave
ppi chista ggenti, di st' emigrantiFor these people. Nothing remains
nun resta nenti.Of these emigrants.
Nun resta nentiNothing remains
sulu li lacrimi di ‘sti ‘nnuccentiBut the tears of these poor children,
chiamanu patriThey're calling their fathers
ma nuddu li sentiBut nobody can hear them.
Escusè muàI apologize,
mi nni scappai ppi lu gran scantuIf I ran away in terror
e la virgogna ca di triccentuFor the shame of being the only one
Diu mi salvau.God spared out of three hundred.
Iu ti lassaiAnd I left you,
unica rosa intra ‘u carbuniMy only rose off the coal,
unicu beni intra lu maliMy only good off the evil,
unica cosa di ricurdari.The only thing I want to remember.
Ma sher LuiseI apologize,
Escusè muàMy dear Louise:
iu restu ccàI stay here.
ccu la me genti fazzu la famiI'm going hungry with my folks,
ma ccu dignità.But in dignity.
Tu si l'amuriYou are my love,
l'amur tugiùrMy love forever,
Escusè muàI apologize
pur mon franzé...For my poor French.

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