Klama (Andramu pai)

Franco Corlianò
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Versione inglese di Riccardo Venturi
Voglio ubriacarmi per non pensare,
piangere e ridere voglio stasera,
con grande rabbia io devo cantare
alla luna devogridare: «mio marito se ne va»
mio marito se ne va

Gli uomini se ne vanno stanno partendo
e se andrà bene li rivedremo fra un anno.
E'questa la vita nostra? Questa è vita mio Dio?
Vanno in Germania piangendo con dolore
piangendo con dolore

«Papà, perché devi andare,dimmi perché?»
Perché questa è la vita, poveri ragazzi
il poverello lavora e suda per ingrassare
per ingrassare i padroni con il suo lavoro
con il suo lavoro

Sento la banda e sento questa musica
Sto qui con voi ma penso al treno
penso al buio di quella miniera,
là dove di lavoro la gente muore
la gente muore.

[My Husband Is Leaving]

I'll get drunk so that I cannot think,
Tonight I want to cry and laugh
And I'll sing my pain with great anger
And cry to the moon: My husband is leaving!

Wake up, oh wake up, women!
Come and gather and cry with me!
Now we're alone and St. Brizio's feast is gone,
and the men are leaving one by one.

Yes our men are leaving and we're alone!
If all is well, we'll meet them again in a year!
Is this our life? Is this a life, my God?
They go to Germany crying with pain!

Poor me, and poor are these kids!
They see their father only once a year.
Why are you crying, daddy? It's St. Brizio's feast,
Listen to the band, listen, what a beautiful sound!

I can hear the band, can hear the music
I am here with you, yet I'm thinking of the train, too.
I'm thinking of that mine and its darkness
Where poor people die working so hard.

Daddy, why must you go? Tell me, why?
Because this is life, my poor kids.
The poor have to work and sweat their life
To fatten up the masters with their toil.

How poor we are! Come here, children,
Come here and kneel down to the ground!
Daddy's gone and we cannot but pray
For a little light to come for us one day.

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