Libera nos Domine

Francesco Guccini
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Versione latina di Riccardo Venturi [2002]
From skinned and black death,
From unnatural death,
From untimely death,
From industrial death
From death by the police,
By a fool, by a general
By dioxine or dyestuff
By a street accident
From stray bullets
Of any kind or ideal
From all these disgraces
And from any other evil
Deliver us, deliver us,
Deliver us, Lord.
A morte nigra et sicca
A morte innaturali
A morte praematura
A morte biomechanica
Astynomica manu
Insani vel praetoriani
A dioxina, a pigmentis
A viario accidente
A pyrobolis omnigenis
Errantibus in aëra
A totis his rebus
Et ab omni alio malo
Libera, libera, libera,
Libera nos, Domine.
From all the fools and morons
Of any race and colour,
From reactionaries, bigots
From their odour of sanctity,
From crazy Jacobins
And from their fervour,
From visionaries and martyrs
Of hatred and terror
From them, who kick you up to heaven
Then tell you, “It's just for love”,
From the Manichees screaming
“Or you're with us, or you're a traitor”
Deliver us, deliver us,
Deliver us, Lord.
A stultis ex omnibus
Gentium varie pictis
A sanctae fidei adeptis
Ab eorum odore
Ab insanis Iacobinis
Ab eorum ardore
Ab idolatris et martyribus
Odii et terroris
A paradisi fautoribus
Dicentibus "est pro amore",
A manichaeis ululantibus
"Nisi nobiscum prodes"
Libera, libera, libera,
Libera nos Domine.
From the poor of spirit,
From intolerant people,
From false intellectuals,
From incompetent journalists,
From heroes, navigators,
Prophets, bards, saints,
From presumptuous, arrogant
And self-confident persons,
From the cynism of many,
From the fancies of more,
From the mean egoism
Everybody slips on,
Deliver us, deliver us,
Deliver us, Lord.
A spiritus pauperibus
Et ab intolerantibus
A falsis sapientibus,
Ab hebdomadiariis incultis
Ab herois, navigatoribus,
Prophetis, vatibus, sanctis
A firmis in se
Vanis et adrogantibus
A multorum cynismo,
A plurium desideriis
A recondito egoismo
Quem omnes habemus
Libera, libera, libera,
Libera nos Domine.
From Thee, from Thy images
And from the fear of Thee,
From the priests of any faith,
From any lies they say,
From hells and heavens
And from any afterlife,
From any utopias trying
To soothe Death's certainty,
From crusades and crusaders,
From any holy writ,
From possessed believers
Of any kind and nature
Deliver us, deliver us,
Deliver us, Lord.
A te, a tuis imaginibus
Et a tui timore
Ab omnium deum sacerdotibus
Et ab eorum mendaciis
Ab inferis et caelis,
A vita ultra mortem,
Ab utopiis quae solentur
Nos a morte certa
A cruciatis bellatoribus,
Ab omni sacra scriptura
A fidelibus bacchantibus
Omnis generis et naturae
Libera, libera, libera,
Libera nos Domine.
Libera, libera, libera,
Libera nos Domine
libera, libera, libera,
libera nos Domine.

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