Gamble man

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OriginaleTraduzione inglese di John Irons
Gamble man han lijknas
widh Barkelösa Ek,
Alle sine gräner
fäller hon från sigh,
hon Rotner i Röter,
hon faller nidher i tåpp,
Gamble mannen faller af,
then vnge wexer vp.
Old man he resembles
an oak with no bark:
sheds its many branches
till it stands stark,
its roots start to rot
it thins out on top.
Old man falling off,
young man coming up.
Fatigdom och siukdom
the ginge sigh om bÿ,
Mötte them sårgh oth quelle,
Så wåre the Sÿstrar tre,
The ladhe sin stempna
widh gamble mansens dör.
Herre Gudh nådhe then gamble man,
som ther bor innan före.
Poverty and Illness
the city would see,
at evening Grief met them,
then were they sisters three.
Arranged a meeting
at the old man’s door;
Almighty God spare the old man
who dwells within for sure.
Gamble mannen strÿker
gråskallan sijn,
Ålderdomen frester
frenderna sijn,
Frender hafuer han månge,
och wenner hafuer han få,
Nådhe honom Gudh fader i himmelrijk,
som ther skal lijtha opå.
The old man strokes
his pate of grey hair,
old age tries the patience
of his kin everywhere.
kinsmen he’s a-plenty,
precious few friends has he;
may God in heaven spare the one
whose trust in such must be.
Gamble mansens näsa
böijes nidh som quist til Jordh,
werden är så suijkful,
Som ijsen ligger på flodh,
Han bräker och brakar
han brister och siunker i grundh,
Så går enom gamble man,
som lefuer en långan stundh.
The old man’s nose bends
like a branch to the ground.
The world is as treacherous
as river-ice unsound;
it creaks and it cracks,
it breaks and sinks away:
so fares an old man
that lives for many a day.
Dödhen han lijknas
widh jägare tw
Han slepper vth sine raker,
Bijter han en roo,
han bijter wäll ene
han bijter wäll twå,
Han bijter wäll alle the diur som äre
bådhe store och små.
Death he most resembles
a huntsman of stubborn mind:
his hounds he unleashes
to hunt a single hind,
he hunts perhaps just one,
it could be he hunts twain,
or maybe creatures one and all,
till all of them are slain.

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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