Ara hoilam porbashi

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OriginalTraduzione inglese di Farzana
Oh Allah Gafure-rahim,
Ara hoilam porbashi
Ara hoilam refugee
Oh Allah,* forgiving and merciful
We are in exile
We have become refugees
Ei murar vitore Allah ar koto kal rakbi
Puker, juger horani ar hoto din hadabi
For how long will you keep us in this mountain caves
For how long will you make us eaten by insects
Julumer doriyot pori roilam bashiya bashi
Oo Khuda tui chaile paroj arar Arakanor
Shanti, arar Mog Bormar shanti
We remained adrift suffering from tortures
Oh God make our country peaceful if you wish

* la traduzione trovata traduceva God, qui viene ripristinato Allah, visto che la persecuzione dei Rohingya รจ proprio su base religiosa, loro Musulmani in uno stato a maggioranza Buddista

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