Sámi soga lávlla

Isak Saba
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7a. Traduzione inglese (Versione alternativa) di Arden Johnson...
1. Far up North 'neath Ursa Major
Gently rises Samiland.
Mountain upon mountain.
Lake upon lake.
Peaks, ridges and plateaus
Rising up to the skies.
Gurgling rivers, sighing forests.
Iron capes pointing sharp
Out towards the stormy sea.
North under the Great Bear
Sápmi shines,
Ridge upon ridge,
lake stretching into lake.
Rocky cliffs, craggy peaks
point to the sky.
Streams laugh, woods whisper
precipice drops steely point
descends to stormy sea.
2. Winter time with storm and cold
Fierce blizzards.
Sami kin, with hearts and souls
Their lands do love.
Moonlight for the traveler,
Living Aurora flickering,
Grunt of reindeer heard in groves of birch,
Voices over lakes and open grounds,
Swish of sled on winter road.
Frost bites hard in winter,
blizzards chased by crazy winds.
But we Sami love this
with all our heart.
Moonlight helps a traveler,
soaring borealis adds to joy.
Hoof steps, reindeer voices
in the brush-
over lake and tundra the sled glides on.
3. Summer's sun casts golden hues
On forests, seas and shores.
Fishermen in gold, swaying
With the golden seas, golden lakes.
Silver Sami rivers gurgling
'round sparkling poles, shining oars.
Singing, men float down
Rapids, great and small,
And waters calm.
When summer sun shines gold
on wood, on sea, on shore,
fishing boats glisten,
rocking wavy seas.
Sea birds sail a glittering harbor,
on silver streams-
steersmen yoking. [1]
Oars are shining,
boat poles flashing
from pools to rapids to falls.
4. Samiland's people
With unbending strength
Defeated killing enemies, bad trades,
Sly and evil thieves.
Hail thee, tough Sami kin!
Hail thee, root of freedom!
Never was there battle,
Never brother's blood was spilt
Amongst the peaceful Sami kin.
Sápmi blood, oh Sami -
survivors of the
killing bands, cheating merchants,
wicked taxmen.
Hail, resilient Sami!
Hail, the root and branch
of peace!
No wars flared
and spilled the blood
of Sápmi's clan.
5. Our ancestors long ago
Trouble makers did defeat.
Let us, brothers, also resist
Staunchly our oppressors.
Oh, tough kin of the sun’s sons,
Never shall you be subdued
If you heed your golden Sami tongue,
Remember the ancestors' word.
Samiland for Sami!
Our ancestors withstood
cruel aggression in old days.
Family members, again we must
combat oppression!
Children of the Sun!
No one subdues us
if we keep our golden language,
and hold our
elders' words of wisdom:
Sápmi for the Sami.
[1] yoiking in linked source (a typo?)

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