Sodan aikana

Tuomas Ragvaldinpoika
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OriginalTraduzione inglese / English Translation / Traduction anglaise: Juha Rämö
O, Jesu, Rauhan Ruhtinas,O Jesus, Master of Peace,
Lain' Armos, Sota pauha;Have mercy, war is roaring;
Suo Armost' asu Isän maas,Let us live in our Fatherland,
Ann' racas Jesu Rauhaa;Sweet Jesus, give us peace;
Sill' sodan waiwat cauhiatHorrible torments of war
Tän maan rajoil pauhawat;Are thundering at our borders;
Meit' Herra Armos' muista.O Lord, shine your grace upon us.
Jos ennen caicin aicoinaLike in all times before
On Werta wuodatettu,Blood has been spilled,
Niin ei ol' näinä wuosinaAnd these years of our time
Sitä myös unohdettu.Will not spare us from it;
Sentähden joudu auttamaan,Therefore, come and help us,
Ilman me miecall' hucutan;Or else we shall die by the sword;
Ah, älä syndimm' costa.Oh Lord, do not revenge our sins.

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