قصيدة الياسمين

Mohammed Al-Ajami / محمد بن الذيب العجمي‎
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قصيدة الياسمين

يا لوزير الاولـي يا محمـد الغنّوشـي
لو حسبنا سلطتك ماهيـب دستوريّـه
مابكينا بن علـي ولا بكينـا عصـره
نعتبرهـا لحظـةٍ بالعمـر تاريخيـه
دكتتوريـة نظـام القمـع واستبـداده
اعلنت تونس عليه الثـوره الشعبيـه
ان ذممنا مانـذم الا حقيـر وواطـي
وان مدحنا نمدح بقناعـةٍ شخصيـه
أجج الثوره بـدم الشعـب ياثائرهـا
وانحت انقاذ الشعوب لكل نفسن حيّـه

قلهم في قول من كفنـه يشلّـه كفـه
كل نصرن تستبقه احـداث مأساويـه
آه عقبال البلاد اللي جهـل حاكمهـا
يحسب ان العزّ بالقـوات الامريكيـه
وآه عقبال البلاد اللي شعَبْهـا جايـع
والحكومه تفتخر في طفـرة الماليـه
وآه عقبال البلاد اللي تنـام مواطـن
معك جنسيه وتصبح مامعـك جنسيـه
وآه عقبال النظام القمعـي المتـوارث
لا متى وانتم عبيـد النزعـه الذاتيـه
ولا متى والشعب مايدري بقيمة نفس
هذا ينصـب ذا وراءه كلهـا منسـيـه
ليه مايختار حاكم بالبلـد يحكـم لـهيت
خلص من نظام السلطـه الجبريـه
علم اللي مرضيٍ نفسه ومزعل شعبـه
بكره يجلّس بدالـه واحـد بكرسيـه
لا يحَسْب ان الوطن بسمه وبسم عياله
الوطن للشعب وامجاد الوطن شعبيـه
رددوا والصوت واحد للمصير الواحـد
كلنا تونس بوجـه النخبـه القمعيـه
الحكومات العربيـه ومـن يحكمهـا
كلهـم بـلا بـلا استثنـاء حراميـه
السؤال اللي يؤرّق فكـرة المتسائـل
لن يجد اجابته من كم جهـه رسميـه
دامها تستورد من الغرب كل أشيـاءه
ليه ماتستورد القانـون والحريـه..؟؟

Prime Minister, Mohamed al-Ghannouchi:
If we measured your might
it wouldn’t hold a candle
to a constitution.
We shed no tears for Ben Ali,
nor any for his reign.
It was nothing more than a moment
in time for us,
and dictatorial,
a system of oppression,
an era of autocracy.
Tunisia declared the people’s revolt:
When we lay blame
only the base and vile suffer from it;
and when we praise
we do so with all our hearts.
A revolution was kindled with the blood of the people:
their glory had worn away,
the glory of every living soul.
So, rebel, tell them,
tell them in a shrouded voice, a voice from the grave:
tell them that tragedies precede all victories.
A warning to the country whose ruler is ignorant,
whose ruler deems that power
comes from the American army.
A warning to the country
whose people starve
while the regime boasts of its prosperity.
A warning to the country whose citizens sleep:
one moment you have your rights,
the next they’re taken from you.
A warning to the system—inherited—of oppression.
How long have all of you been slaves
to one man’s selfish predilections?
How long will the people remain
ignorant of their own strength,
while a despot makes decrees and appointments,
the will of the people all but forgotten?
Why is it that a ruler’s decisions are carried out?
They’ll come back to haunt him
in a country willing
to rid itself of coercion.
Let him know, he
who pleases only himself, and does nothing
but vex his own people; let him know
that tomorrow
someone else will be seated on that throne,
someone who knows the nation’s not his own,
nor the property of his children.
It belongs to the people, and its glories
are the glories of the people.
They gave their reply, and their voice was one,
and their fate, too, was one.
All of us are Tunisia
in the face of these oppressors.
The Arab regimes and those who rule them
are all, without exception,
without a single exception,
shameful, thieves.
This question that keeps you up at night—
its answer won’t be found
on any of the official channels…
Why, why do these regimes
import everything from the West—
everything but the rule of law, that is,
and everything but freedom?

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