ما عاد بدو

Khebez Dawle / خبز دولة
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OriginalTraduzione inglese dei Khebez Dawle
ما عاد بدو

ما عاد بدو .. هوية

ما عاد يعنيلو ..
إسمو الثلاثي و الجنسية

كل ال بدّو ياه .. و عم يفكر فيه
ما يموتوا رفقاتو ..
و أهلو و إخواتو يكونوا ب أمان


He doesn't want an ID card anymore!

His full name, his nationality
Don't mean anything to him anymore!

All that he wants and thinks about
His people not dying one after the other.

And for his folks, brothers and sisters, to just stay safe.

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