В землянке

Aleksej Aleksandrovič Surkov / Алексей Александрович Сурков
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Versione catalana (limitata alla terza strofa del brano originale)...


The fire is flickering in the narrow stove
Resin oozes from the log like a tear
And the concertina in the bunker
Sings to me of your smile and eyes.

The bushes whispered to me about you
In a snow-white field near Moscow
I want you above all to hear
How sad my living voice is.

You are now very far away
Expanses of snow lie between us
It is so hard for me to come to you
And here there are four steps to death.

Sing concertina, in defiance of the snowstorm.
Call out to that happiness which has lost its way.
I'm warm in the cold bunker,
Because of your inextinguishable love.


Ets tan lluny, i és tan gran la dissort,
que la neu ha colgat l’últim port.
Ja mai més no et veuré, país meu…
Sóc aquí ben a prop de la mort.

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