Kimiad daou zoudard yaouank

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1. Selaouet hag e klefet kano ur son nevez savet1. Listen and you shall hear a song that was composed quite recently
Da zaou zen yaouank degoue'et o sort ganteAbout two young men drafted for the army.
2. 'R'c'hentañ oa mab d'an tailher, 'r'c'hentañ mab an tailher2. One was the son of Tailleur, and he was his eldest son indeed.
Egil' all oa Jos Graig 'bihanatik eus ar gêrAnd the other was little Jo GraïK's son.
3. Ha p'hini emañ maget e rouz e Feunteunwenn3. Who cultivates the soil upon the moor towards the White Fountain,
E-barzh un tiig bihan 'kichen ar VailhurennAnd lives in a cottage beside the Mailleurs'.
4. Jos Graig bihan lare pe oa soudard e vab :4. Little Jo Graïk has said when he heard that his son was drafted:
Dav eo degas un ofrañs evit dont da Vulat"I'll bring offerings to our Lady of Bulat
Ha ma blijo gant Doue, chomo ganin ma mabIf it pleases God, my son will stay with me."
5. 'Baotred yaouank neuz' lare pa oant 'ont kuit eus kêr5. And then, the two youths said, as they were walking out of the village:
Kenavo Itron Varia ha c'hwi aotrou Sant Per"Farewell, Our Lady! And farewell, Saint Peter!
6. Douget am eus aliesik banniel bras ho iliz6. O, how often did I carry your holy banner in your church,
Kerkoulz ha d'an ofern-bred evel d'ar gousperoùEither at Sunday mass or at the vespers!
7. Kerkoulz ha d'ar gousperoù evel d'an ofern-bred7. At the vespers I've carried it, as well as at Sunday high mass,
Ha da zul ar sakramant d'ar bloavezh tremenetCarried it last year, on Saint Sacrament's Day.
8. Deomp-ni da gemer bremañ rout' ar C'hastell-Nevez8. Let us now follow the highroad in direction of Châteauneuf!
Kastellin a zigoue'o soudennik hep daleWe shall spy Châteaulin every moment."
9. 'Baotred yaouank neuz' lare 'n ur vont maez eus o zi9. The young men, when they have left from home, have kissed their sisters goodbye:
Kenavo ma c'hoar Mar'jannig ha c'hwi ma c'hoar Mari"Goodbye, dear Marie-Jeanne! Goodbye, dear Mary!"
10. Pa oant e kreac'h menez Rou' war an hent bras o vont10. When they went up the hill of King's Mount, walking along the high road,
Me glev kleier Landreger 'seniñ d'an oferennThey heard the clocks ring for the mass in Tréguier.
11. Me lare d'am c'hamaraded : deomp-ni d'an oferenn11. I said to my buddies: "Let us go to that church and hear the mass,
Kar d'al leac'h e yamp bremañ n'eus ket a veleienFor where we are going we shall have no priest,
12. Kar d'al leac'h e yamp bremañ n'eus ket a veleien12. For where we are going now, I am afraid we shall have no priest
Da laret ar gousperoù kennebeud 'n ofern-bredTo celebrate the vespers or the high mass."

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