Po šumama i gorama / По шумама и горама

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Po šumama i goramaThrough the woods and hills
naše zemlje ponosneOf our proud country
idu čete partizana,March the companies of Partisans
Slavu borbe pronose!Spreading the glory of struggle!
Partizan sam, tim se dičimI'm a Partisan; of that I am proud.
To ne može biti svak,Not everyone can be that,
Umrijeti za sloboduTo die for freedom
Može samo div-junak!Only a giant-hero can!
Neka čuje dušman kletiLet the cursed foe know
krvavi se vodi rat,A bloody war is waged
Prije ćemo mi umretiWe will rather die
Nego svoje zemlje dat'!Than give our land!
Kaznićemo izdajice,We will punish the traitors
Oslobodit' narod svoj,And free all our people,
Kazaćemo celom svetuWe will tell the entire world
Da se bije ljuti boj!That a bitter fight is fought!
Crne horde nas ne plaše,Black hordes don’t scare us
Krv herojska u nas vri,Heroic blood boils in our veins
Mi ne damo zemlje našeWe don’t allow our lands
Da je gaze fašisti!To be trampled by Fascists!

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