The House of the Rising Sun

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OriginalVersione serba (latinica) di Miki Jevremović (1964)
There is a house in New OrleansMoj dom je jutro na istoku,
They call the Rising SunIz njega sunce sja.
And it has been the ruin of many a poor girlMoj dom sad blista u noći kao dan,
And me, oh God, for oneMoj dom je tužan i sam
If I had listened to what my mother saidMoj dom je bol u srcu,
I'd been at home todayzadnja topla reč
But I was young and foolish, oh GodMoj dom u oku ti sja
Let the rambler lead me astraySunce spava tu
Go and tell my baby sisterDa l' ja još u svetu nekom
Don't do what I have doneBez ikog svog sam
But to shun that house in New OrleansDa li iko tako želi kao ja
They call the Rising SunO svoj da vidi dom
I'm going back to New OrleansO majko, umirem već,
My race is almost runmeni ti oprosti sve.
I'm going back to spend my lifeSvet je laž i sve, sve je laž
Beneath that Rising SunSamo ljubav je istina, znaj

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