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OriginalTraduzione inglese di Angela Buxton da‎
Nosaltres sabíemWe knew
d'un únic senyora single master
i vèiem comand we've seen how
esdeveniahe became
gos.a dog.
Envilit pel ventre,Degraded by his stomach,
per l'afalac al ventre,by flattery to his stomach,
per la por,by fear,
s'ajup sota el fuethe cowers under the whip
amb foll oblitin foolish oblivion of
de la raóthe right
que té.he has.
Arnat, menjatMoth-eaten, full
de plagues,of pests,
sense parar llepavahe licked unceasingly
l'aspra màthe rough hand
que l'ha fermatwhich has him tied up
des de tant tempsfor so long
al the mud.
Li hauria estatIt would have been
senzill de fereasy for him to make
del seu silenci muran impenetrable and high wall
impenetrable, altíssim:of his silence:
va triarhe chose
la gran vergonya mansathe great gentle shame
dels lladrucs.of barking.
Mai no hem pogut,We have never been able,
però, desesperarthough, to give up hope
del vell vençutof the old defeated one
i elevem en la nitand in the night we raise
un cant a crits,shouts in a song,
car les paraules vessenfor the words overflow
de sentit.with meaning.
L'aigua, la terra,The water, the earth,
l'aire, el focthe air, the fire
són seus,are his,
si s'arrisca d'un copif he finally takes the chance
a ser qui és.of being himself.
Caldrà que diguiHe will have to say
de seguida prou,enough at once,
que vulgui arato want now
caminar de nou,to walk again,
alçat, sense repòs,upright, without a break,
per sempre mésforevermore
home salvat en poble,a man saved among the people,
contra el vent.against the wind.
Salvat en poble,Saved among the people,
ja l'amo de tot,now the master of all;
no gos mesell,no cringing dog
sinó l'únic senyor.‎but his own master.‎

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