봉성화 [Bongsung-wha]

Whang Young-gum / 황영금
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OriginaleEnglish translation from Korean War Songs
울 밑에선 붕선화야 네 모양이 처량하다.The bong-sung flower by the fence, you look forlorn.
길 고긴 날 여름철에 아름답게 꽃 필적에어여쁘It was only yesterday, in the long summer days,
신 아가씨들 너를 반겨 놀았도다when beautiful damsels played enchanted by your beauty.
어언간에 여름가고 가을바람 솔솔불어Soon the summer days have gone away
아름다운 꽃송이를 모질게도 침노하니and the cool winds of Autumn began to blow away your shining pedals.
낙화로다 늙어졌다 네 모양이 처량하다You have lost your youthful beauty and grandeur.
북풍한 설 찬바람에 네 형체가 없어져도 평Freezing winds from north and icy snows may destroy and bury your body,
화로운 꿈을 꾸는 너의 혼은 예있으니 화창but your dream for resurrection is alive
스런 봄바람에 환생키를 바라노라.and it will be realized soon.

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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