Minstrel Man

Langston Hughes
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OriginalIrish version of poem by Gabriel Rosenstock
Because my mouthLeathan é mo chár
Is wide with laughterle gáire
And my throatdomhain is ea mo bhráid
Is deep with song,is binn
You do not thinkceapann tú
I suffer afternár iompraíos náire
I have held my painagus pianta
So long?le mo linn?
Because my mouthToisc leathan é mo chár
Is wide with laughter,le gáire
You do not hearní chloiseann tusa
My inner cry?scréach ná liú
Because my feetcé aerach iad
Are gay with dancing,mo chosa ag damhsa
You do not knowgheobhadsa bás
I die?nach dtuigeann tú

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