Ain't Got No / I Got Life‎

Nina Simone
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‎“HAiR: The American Tribal Love-Rock ‎Musical” - Original Broadwa...

I ain't got no home ain't got no shoes ain't got no money
Ain't got no class ain't got no skirts ain't got no sweater
Ain't got no perfume ain't got no bed ain't got no mind
Ain't got no mother ain't got no culture ain't got no friends
Ain't got no schooling ain't got no love ain't got no name
Ain't got no ticket ain't got no token ain't got no God

Then what have I got
Why am I alive anyway
Yeah what have I got
Nobody can take away

Got my hair got my head got my brains
Got my ears got my eyes got my nose
Got my mouth I got my smile
I got my tongue got my chin got my neck
Got by boobs got my heart got my soul
Got my back I got my sex

I got my arms got my hands got my fingers
Got my legs got my feet got my toes
Got my liver got my blood
I've got life I've got my freedom I've got life
I've got life and I'm gonna keep it
I've got life nobody's gonna take it


I'm black... I'm black;‎
I'm pink... I'm pink;‎
I'm Rinso White...‎
I'm in-vi-si-ble...‎

Ain't Got No home - So
Ain't Got No shoes - Poor
Ain't Got No money - Honey
Ain't Got No class - Common
Ain't Got No scarf - Hot
Ain't Got No gloves - Cold
Ain't Got No bed - Beat
Ain't Got No pot - Busted
Ain't Got No faith - Catholic

Ain't Got No mother - Orphan
Ain't Got No culture - Man
Ain't Got No friends - Lucky
Ain't Got No schoolin' - Dumb
Ain't Got No shine - Dull
Ain't Got No underwear - Bad
Ain't Got No soap - Dirty
Ain't Got No A-Train - Jump
Ain't Got No mind - Lost it

Ain't Got No smokes - Shit
Ain't Got No job - Lazy
Ain't Got No work - Fine
Ain't Got No coins - Broke
Ain't Got No pennies - Beg
Ain't Got No girl/man - Horny
Ain't Got No ticket - Hustle
Ain't Got No token - Walk
Ain't Got No God – Good

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