夜鷹の夢 [The Dream Of The Night Hawk]

Do As Infinity
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Traduzione in inglese (con note del traduttore) da questa pagina. Si...
yoru no yami ni magire
bokura teikuu de tobitsuzuketa
tsuki wa nani mo shirazu
hikuku enjin ga hibiiteta
Under cover of darkness
we skirt above the ground
The moon knows nothing of our existence
as our engine echoes out quietly across the skies
soko ni donna hito ga
kurashi warai atteiru no deshou
soko de donna yume ga
umare hagukumareteita no deshou
What kind of people, do you think
Live there, laughing and loving each other?
What kind of dreams, do you think
Are born there, flower and bloom? 1
chizu ni shimesareta na mo yomenai machi
konya mo seigi o mihata ni
Tonight, once again,
upon a town whose name we can't even pronounce,
a town that just happened to be on the map,
we let fly our banner of justice
ikitoshi ikeru mono subete
yakitsukusu guren no hi ga
mashita ni nagareru
yotei douri ni kishu agete
danyakuko no futa tojite
shouri no senkai
nani mo minai nani mo kikazu
nani mo nani mo nani mo nani mo
Upon all living things
a stream of crimson fire is rained down
Our bomber pulls up, our hatches close,
everything exactly as planned. 2
We trace a loop of victory across the skies
With nothing seen of us
and nothing heard of us
Nothing Nothing Nothing
Nothing at all
maru de iwau you ni
hanabi sasayaka ni uchiageteru
ikari nageki kuyami
soshite nikushimi o uketomeru
And then, as if in celebration of our joy
fireworks are launched. 3
We are struck,
By their rage,
by their lamenting,
by their condolences,
by their hate.
asahi yori hayaku mabushii hikari ga
totsuzen garasu o kudaite
A dazzling light,
dawning earlier than the morning sun
suddenly smashes through the glass
ikitoshi ikeru mono subete
onaji iro shinku no chi ga
mune kara nagareru
chikara naku nigiru soujuukan
furimuki sakende mite mo
dare mo kotaenai
tsuki ga tooku kasumi kieru
haha mo chichi mo tomo mo kimi mo
From all living things,
The same scarlet blood flows,
the same path traced down our chest
My strength leaves me even as I grip the joystick
ever firmer,
and no matter how I turn back and call to you,
There is no answer.
The moon dissolves into a distant sea of fog, 4
as does my mother,
as does my father,
as do my friends,
as do you.
umareta kuni ga chigau nara
konna sabaku no asayake
mizu ni ikite yuku
akatsuki no sora ni yotaka ga
hagurete mou modoranai
nagareboshi ni naru
If we were but born in a different country,
our lives would never have been coloured
by this dusty desert dawn 5
The night hawk has lost his way in the rays of the morning sun,
Never again to return from whence he came,
becoming naught but a fiery meteor across the skies 6
ikitoshi ikeru mono subete
onaji iro shinku no chi de
inochi o sodateru
donna seigi o kazashite mo
nagarederu shinku no chi o
tomerare wa shinai
yume o miteta nagai yume o
nagai yume o nagai yume o
From all living things
The same scarlet blood flows,
bearing life in every precious drop
No matter what flag of justice we clothe ourselves in, 7
The blood that pours forth can't be persuaded to stop
I had... A dream... A long dream...
A long dream... A long dream...
Notes to the translation:

(1) Literally, this is closer to"nurtured and brought up" as opposed to "flower and bloom"

(2) I spent the longest time thinking what the chambers in which bombs are kept in bombers are called - I think hatch fits, but I could very well be wrong. ;p Also, the literal lyrics go something like "I pull the nose of the aircraft upwards", which is valid military speak, sure, but sounds so very awkward in a song.

(3) This part is slightly confusing - I'm not sure if the fireworks refer to the explosions that occur after the bomber unleashed it's payload, or retaliatory strikes from the town. The next stanza seems to support the latter, but that contradicts with the earlier stanza of the bomber not having been seen or heard.

(4) This is a bit of poetic license on my part - more literally, it's more "The moon disappears into the fog of the distance"

(5) Ooh, alliteration! No mention of dusty, but the rest is pretty much right, I think

(6) No mention of "fiery", but the rest fits.

(7) More literally its "No matter the form of justice we hold above our heads", but I thought my translation went pretty well...

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