Miguel Enríquez

Ángel Parra
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OriginalTraduzione inglese dal libretto del disco “Chile: Songs for the Resistance”.
Miguel Enríquez, tu nombreMiguel Enríquez, your name
tiene la fuerza de un ríohas the strength of a river
que baja de la montañathat flows from the mountains
a regar nuestros water our paths.
Miguel Enríquez, tus ojosMiguel Enríquez, your eyes
nos miran desde el futuro,look at us from the future,
voz de metralla tu canto,your song has the voices of bullets,
canto de ideales puros.songs of pure ideals.
Miguel Enríquez, tu manoMiguel Enríquez, your hand
no tembló ante el enemigo,did not tremble before the enemy.
seiscientos necesitaronIt took six hundred of them
para dejarte lay you down.
Miguel Enríquez, tu puebloMiquel Enríquez, your people
tiene un nudo en la garganta,have a lump in their throat.
te llora fusil en manoThey weep for you guns in hand,
con tu muerte se agiganta.and, with your death, they grow.
Quiero escribir una cartaI want to write a letter
con letras de oro que diga:that will say in letters of gold:
Miguel Enríquez no ha muerto,Miguel Enríquez has not died.
a Chile entregó su vida.He gave his life to Chile.

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