דאָרט בײַם ברעג פֿון װעלדל

Shmerke Katsherginski [Shmerke Kaczerginski] / שמערקע קאַטשערגינסקי
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Traduzione inglese dal programma 2007 delle celebrazioni del...
Dort baym breg fun veldl,There, at the edge of the forest,
Shteyt an alter boym.Stands an ancient tree.
Sheptshen zayne bleter,Softly its leaves whisper –
Az men hert zey koym.They are scarcely heard.
Sheptshen un dertseylnThey whisper, and they tell
Vi es shtarbt a held,Of a hero, how he died,
Ven es faln koylnWhen bullets rained down on him
Iber vald un feld.Over wood and field.
Dort lebn boym fun veldl,There, by the tree in the forest,
Ligt a partizan.Lies a partisan,
Bleter im farshteln, –Covered by its fallen leaves,
S'iz a krants faran.Like a wreath upon.
Ligt er, hert nit, zet nit,He lies there, does not see or hear,
Dukht zikh shloft atsind, –He seems to be asleep;
Vigt der vint a verbe,A breeze blows through a willow,
Tulyet vi a kind.Clinging like a child.
Iber im, geboygn,Bending over, by his side,
Zayn alte muter veynt,His aged mother weeps,
Leyd in ire oygnHer old eyes are filled with pain,
Un dos harts farshteynt:Her heart is dead with grief:
"Ikh hob dikh geboyrn,"It was I who gave you birth,
Zikh mit dir gefreyt,With you I rejoiced,
Itst iz alts farloyrn,But everything is lost now,
S'keyver dayns iz greyt.For your grave awaits.
Kuk oys mayne trern,Look, my tears are flowing,
Fil vi s'harts tut vey,Feel my aching heart,
Kh'vel shoyn keyn mol hern,Never will I hear your voice,
Dikh nit zen, o vey!Or see you more, alas!
Host gehat a tatn,Once you had a father,
Oykh geven a held,He was a hero, too,
Hobn shtil im bleterNow, blowing leaves will rock you both,
Oykh farvigt in feld."In the silent field."

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