Siete dias enserados

David Haim
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Siete días encarceladosSeven days locked up
en vagones de animalesin boxcars for animals;
una vez cada tres díasonce every three days
nos sacaban al aire libre.they would take us out for air.
Madre mía muy queridaMy dearest mother,
tenías suerteyou were fortunate
de morirte en tus tierrasin dying in your country
y no pasando por la chimenea.and not passing through the chimney.
Padre mío muy queridoMy dearest father,
quien te lo hubiera dichowho would have told you
que vinieras con tu hermanothat you would come with your brother
al crematorio de the crematorium of Auschwitz!
Padre y madre, hermanos y hermanas,Father and mother, brothers and sisters,
ojala todos sean suplicantesmay you all be the supplicants
al jefe del mundoto the Master of the world
que me de saludto grant me health
que me quite de estos camposand remove me from these camps
para os recitar kadich!to recite for you the Kaddish!

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