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Kaptodastr na 3-m laduTHE FIGHTER
Rasskazhi mne, druzhok, otchego vokrug zasada?Tell me my dear friend, why there's ambush everywhere?
Otchego stol'ko let nashey zhizni net kak net?Why for so many years we've got no life, really none?
Ot romashek - tsvetov pakhnet ladanom iz ada,Daisy flo-o-o-wers smell like bitter incense from inferno,
I apostol Andrey nosit "Lyuger" pistolet?And Saint Andrew the Apostle carries Luger-made handgun?
Ot togo, chto poka snizu khodit mirnyy zhitel',Because there underneath a civilian's still walking,
V golove vse vverkh dnom, a na serdtse maeta,In my head all has turned, heart is worried and telltale.
Naverkhu v oblakakh reet chernyy istrebitel',In the clo-o-o-uds above hovers menacing black fighter*,
Ves' v parche-zhemchugakh s golovy i do khvosta.All in gold-cloth and pearls from the cockpit to the tail.
Kto v nem letchik - pilot, kto v nem davit na pedali?Who's the pilot in it, who keeps pushing on its pedals?
Kto vertit emu rul', kto dymit ego truboy?Who turns its steering wheel, who smokes from its rear pipe?
Na pilotakh chadra, ty uznaesh' ikh edva li,Pilots are all in veil, you will hardly recognize them,
No esli chestno skazat' - te piloty my s toboy.But to tell the whole truth - those two pilots're you and I.
A na nebe groza, chistyy fosfor s angidridom,Storm is tearing the sky, pure phosphorus-anhydride**,
Vse khotel po lyubvi, da v pritsele mor da tlaAll I wanted was love, but the plague is in cross-hairs.
Rvanut' kholst na grudi, polozhit' konets obidam,Why not tear linen shirt***, put an end to all the insults?
Da v glakhakh chernota, v serdtse ten' ego kryla...But the dark's in the eyes, its wing shadow's in my heart...
Izydi, gordyy dukh, poperkhnis' kholodnoy duley.Exorcise, proud ghost, choke yourself on icy clenched fist.
Vse ravno nam ne zhit', s kazhdym godom ty smeley.We won't live either way, you are braver with each year.
Izlovchus' pod konets i strel'nu posledney puley,I will ma-a-nage somehow and will shoot my final bullet,
Vyb'yu padal' s nebes, mozhet stanet posvetley...Drop the carrion from skies, maybe heaven will get clear.

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