The Wild Colonial Boy

Mick Jagger
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Versione di A.L. Lloyd risalente agli anni 50.

In Dublin town I was brought up that city of great fame
My parents reared me tenderly there's many did the same
Being a wild colonial boy I was forced to cross the main
And for seven long years in New South Wales to wear a convict's chain

Oh I'd been no longer than six months upon Australian shores
When I turned out as a Tory boy as I'd often done before
There was Macnamara from yonder woods and Captain Mackie too
They were the chief associates of bold Jack Donahoe

As O'Donahoe was taken for a notorious crime
And sentenced to be hanged all on the gallows high
But when he came to Sydney gaol he left them in a stew
For when they came to call the roll they missed Jack Donahoe

As O'Donahoe made his escape to the woods he did repair
Where the tyrants dared not show their face by night and day
And every week in the newspapers there was published something new
Concerning that bold hero boy called brave Jack Donahoe

As O'Donahoe was walking one summer's afternoon
Little was his notion that his death should be so soon
When a sergeant of the horse police discharged his carabine
And loudly called to O'Donahoe to fight or else resign

Resign to you, you cowardly dogs its a thing I ne'er will do
For I'll range these woods and valleys like a wolf or kangaroo
Before I'll work for Government said bold Jack Donahoe

Nine rounds the horse policeman fired till at length a fatal ball
He lodged it in O'Donahoe's breast and it caused him to fall
As he closed his mournful eyes to this world he bid adieu
Good people all both great and small pray for Jack Donahoe


Come all you gallant bushrangers that gallop on the plain,
That's going to live in slavery, or wear the convict chain.
Attention pay to what I say, and value it if you do,
I will relate the matchless fate of Bold Jack Donahue.

Bold Donahue was taken all for a notorious crime
And sentenced to be hanged upon the gallows tree so high.
But when they brought him to Bathurst Gaol, he left them in a stew,
For when they came to call the roll, they missed Jack Donahue.

When Donahue made his escape, to the bush he went straight way.
The squatters they were all afraid to travel by night and day
And every day in the newspapers, they brought out something new,
Concerning that bold bushranger they called Jack Donahue.

As he and his companions rode out one afternoon,
Not thinking that the pains of death would overtake him soon,
To their surprise the horse police well on they came in view
And in double quick time they did advance to take Jack Donahue.

“Oh Donahue, Donahue, throw down your carabine.
Or do you intend to fight us all and will you not resign?”
“To surrender to such cowardly dogs is a thing I never would do,
This day I'll fight with all me might”, says Bold Jack Donahue.

“It never shall be said of me that Donahue the brave
Surrendered to a policeman or became an Englishman's slave.
I'd rather roam the bush so wide like a dingo or kangaroo
Than work one day for the government,” says Bold Jack Donahue.

The sergeant and the corporal, they did their men divide,
Some fired at him from behind and some from every side.
The sergeant and the corporal, they both fired at him too
And a rifle bullet pierced the heart of Bold Jack Donahue.

Nine rounds he fired and nine men shot before that fatal ball
That pierced his heart and made him smart and caused him for to fall.
And as he closed his mournful eyes, he bid the world adieu,
Saying, “Convicts all, pray for the soul of Bold Jack Donahue.”

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