No Irish Need Apply

Pete Seeger
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Versione “al femminile” risalente al 1863, attribuita alla cantante...


I'm a dacint boy, just landed from the town of Ballyfad;
I want a situation: yis, I want it mighty bad.
I saw a place advartised. It's the thing for me, says I;
But the dirty spalpeen ended with: No Irish need apply.

Whoo! says I; but that's an insult—though to get the place I'll try.
So, I wint to see the blaggar with: No Irish need apply.

I started off to find the house, I got it mighty soon;
There I found the ould chap saited: he was reading The Tribune.
I tould him what I came for, whin he in a rage did fly:
No! says he, you are a Paddy, and no Irish need apply!

Thin I felt my dandher rising, and I'd like to black his eye—
To tell an Irish Gintleman: No Irish need apply!

I couldn't stand it longer: so, a hoult of him I took,
And I gave him such a welting as he'd get at Donnybrook.
He hollered: Millia murther! and to get away did try,
And swore he'd never write again: No Irish need apply.

He made a big apology; I bid him thin good-bye,
Saying: Whin next you want a bating, add: No Irish need apply!

Sure, I've heard that in America it always is the plan
That an Irishman is just as good as any other man;
A home and hospitality they never will deny
The stranger here, or ever say: No Irish need apply.

But some black sheep are in the flock: a dirty lot, say I;
A dacint man will never write: No Irish need apply!

Sure, Paddy's heart is in his hand, as all the world does know,
His praties and his whiskey he will share with friend or foe;
His door is always open to the stranger passing by;
He never thinks of saying: None but Irish may apply.

And, in Columbia's history, his name is ranking high;
Thin, the Divil take the knaves that write: No Irish need apply!

Ould Ireland on the battle-field a lasting fame has made;
We all have heard of Meagher's men, and Corcoran's brigade.
Though fools may flout and bigots rave, and fanatics may cry,
Yet when they want good fighting-men, the Irish may apply,

And when for freedom and the right they raise the battle-cry,
Then the Rebel ranks begin to think: No Irish need apply


I'm a simple Irish girl and I'm looking for a place.
I've felt the grip of poverty, but sure that's no disgrace.
'Twill be long before I get one, though indeed it's hard I try,
For I read in each advertisement, "No Irish need apply."
Alas! for my poor country, which I never will deny!
How they insult us when they say, "No Irish need apply"!

Now, I wonder what's the reason that the fortune-favored few
Should throw on us that dirty slur and treat us as they do.
Sure they all know Paddy's heart is warm, and willing is his hand.
They rule us, yet we may not earn a living in their land.
O, to their sister country, how can they bread deny
By sending forth this cruel line: "No Irish need apply"?

Sure I did not do the like when they anchored on our shore.
For Irish hospitality, there's no need to deplore;
And every door is open to the weary stranger still.
Pat would give his last potato, yes, and give it with a will;
Nor whisky, which he prizes so, in any case deny.
Then wherefore do they always write, "No Irish need apply"?

Now what have they against us? Sure the world knows Paddy's brave,
For he's helped to fight their battles both on land and on the wave.
At the storming of Sebastopol, and beneath an Indian sky,
Pat raised his head, for their General said, "All Irish might apply."
Do you mind Lieutenant Morey (?), when he raised the battle cry?
Then are they not ashamed to write, "No Irish need apply"?

Then they can't deny us genius, with "Sheridan,"--"Tom Moore,"--
The late lamented "Catherine Hayes," and Sam Lover to the fore,--
Although they may laugh at our "Bulls," they cannot but admit
That Pat is always sensible, and has a ready wit;
And if they ask for Beauty, what can beat their nice black Eye?
Then is it not a shame to write, "No Irish need apply"?

Och! the French must loudly crow to find we're slighted thus,
For they can ne'er forget the blow that was dealt by one of us.
If the Iron Duke of Wellington had never drawn his sword,
Faith they might have "Napoleon Sauce" with their beef, upon my word.
They think now of their hero, dead; his name will never die.
Where will they get another such if "No Irish need apply"?

Ah! but now I'm in the land of the "Glorious" and "Free,"
And proud I am to own it, a country dear to me.
I can see by your kind faces that you will not deny
A place in your hears for Kathleen, and all Irish may apply.
Then long may the Union flourish, and ever may it be
A pattern to the world and the "Home of Liberty!"

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