Генералы песчаных карьеров

Nesčastnyj Slučaj / Несчастный Cлучай
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Ja načal žizn’ v trušćobax gorodskixI began life in the urban slums
I dobryx slov ja ne slyxal.And nice words I never heard.
Kogda laskali by detej svoix,While you were caressing your children,
Ja esť prosil, ja zamerzal.I wanted to eat, and I froze.
Vy, uvidav menja, ne prjač’te vzgljadYou, after seeing me, didn't hide your glance
Veď ja ni v čem, ni v čem ne vinovat.Indeed I am guilty of nothing, of nothing.
Za čto vy brosili menja ? Za čto !Why did you did throw me away? For what!
Gde moj očag, gde moj nočleg ?Where is my focus, where my lodging?
Ne priznaete vy moe rodstvo,You don't acknowledge that you are my kin,
A ja vaš brat, ja čelovek.But I am your brother, I am a person.
By večno molites’ svoim bogam,You eternally pray to your gods,
I vaši bogi vse prošćajut vam.And your gods pardon you of all.
Kraj neboskrebov i roskošnyx vill,A territory of skyscrapers and luxurious villas,
Iz okon b’em slepjašćij svet.From their windows beats a blinding light.
O esli b mne xoť raz nabraťsja sil,Oh if only I could gather my strength just once,
Vy dali b mne za vse otvet.Maybe you would give me the answer to it all.
Otkrojte dveri, ljudi, ja vaš bratOpen the doors, people, I am your brother
Veď ja ni v čem, ni v čem ne vinovat.Indeed I am guilty of nothing, of nothing
Vy znali laski materej rodnyx,You knew the caresses of your mothers,
A ja ne znal i liš’ vo sne.But I didn't, only in a dream
V moix mečtan’jax detskix, zolotyxIn my golden childhood dreams,
Mať inogda javljalas’ mne.My mother would appear to me.
O, mama ! Esli by najti tebja,Oh, mom! If you could find me,
Byla b ne tak gor’ka moja suďba.My fate would not have been so bitter

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