Rosso su verde

Massimo Bubola
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Versione inglese di Lorenzo
Now all is gone
Only words remain
Words I write to you my love
One last sweet refrain
I’ve lost everyone
I’ve lost even myself
There in the battle
My sweet love
When the order came
Early in the dawn
Soldiers into battle
Falling one by one
Order to attack
Five in the morning
We ran up the slope
Towards the hill
Then I stood alone
I knew it was my turn
Falling into darkness
Never to return
Then Hell was around us
I fell face down
Down into the Winter
Then I remember no more
And from the Great Winter
You come back no more
No more will I see the light that dances in your eyes
No more watch the flowers bloom when fleeting swallows fly
And the last light of the summer has faded away
Gone forever, gone forever more
Skirts moved by wind, lights and geraniums, I see you there
With the first snow at the balconies, think of me like that
While years and seasons
Revolve like trees
And the life goes by
In just a moment
A moment…
Blood red on green
Colours that I wear
I am calling out your name
Can you hear
I am calling out your name
Can you hear
Red over green
It’s my uniform
I call but I can’t hear myself
Can you?

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