Песня летчика

Vladimir Semënovič Vysotskij / Владимир Семёнович Высоцкий
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Versione inglese di Alex Lvovsky
Ix vosem’ – nas dvoe. Rasklad pered boem
Ne naš, no my budem igrať !
Sereža ! Deržis’, nam ne svetit s toboju,
No kozyri nado ravnjať.
8 of them - 2 of us. The deal prior to battle
Not ours, but we'll play anyhow
Sergei! Hold on, doesn't look very bright
But we'll have the trumps evened out.
Ja ətot navesnyj kvadrat ne pokinu.
Mne cifry sejčas ne važny,-
Segodnja moj drug zašćišćaet mne spinu,
A značit, i šansy ravny.
This heavenly quadrant I will not abandon
Those numbers do not concern me
On this day my friend has my rear defended
That evens the chances for me
Mne v xvost vyšel « messer », no vot zadymil on,
Nadsadno zavyli vinty.
Im daže ne nado krestov na mogily,
Sojdut i na kryľjax kresty !
There is one on my tail, but now he is smoking
His engines begin wailing
They don't even need crosses on graves
They'll shed them right from their wings
- Ja – « Pervyj », ja – « Pervyj », - oni pod toboju,
Ja vyšel im napererez.
Sbej plamja ! Ujdi v oblaka ! Ja prikroju !
V boju ne vyvaet čudes !
I'm "First", I'm "First", below you they hover
My course set to intercept
Put out your flame in the clouds, I'll cover
In battle no miracles left
Sergej ! Ty goriš’ ! Upovaj, čeloveče,
Teper’ na nadežnosť strop !
Net ! Pozdno – i mne vyšel messer navstreču.
Prošćaj ! Ja primu ego v lob.
Sergei! You're burning! But still there is hope
Time to test the eject
But No! It's too late - and another is flying towards
Goodbye! I'll receive him direct.
Ja znaju – drugie svedut s nimi sčety.
A po oblakam skoľzja,
Vzletjat naši duši, kak dva samoleta, -
Veď im drug bez druga neľzja.
I know - our brothers will even the score
Ascending on clouds we slide
Like planes our souls will take off from the earth
Cause only together they fly
Arxangel nam skažet : « V raju budet tugo ! »
No moľko vorota – šćelk,
My boga poprosim : « Vpišite nas s drugom
V kakoj-nibuď angeľskij polk ! »
Archangel will tell us that heaven is crowded
But right when they close the gate
We'll ask God to have us enlisted and routed
To some angelic brigade
I ja poprošu Boga, Duxa i Syna,
Čtob večno moj drug zašćišćaet mne spinu,
Kak v ətom poslednem boju.
And then I will ask God, Ghost and Son
To have my will carried out
Let my friend remain my eternal guardian
Like in this last battle of ours
My kryľja i strely poprosim u boga,
Veď nužen im angel-as,
A esli u nix istrebitelej mnogo,
Pusť pitut v xraniteli nas.
For wings and for arrows we'll go to God
They must need an angel ace
But if they have too many fighters among them
Protectors we'll be in that case
Xraniť - əto delo počemnoe pože,
Udaču nesti na kryle
Takim, kak pri žizni my byli s Serežej,
I v vozduxe i na zemle.
Protecting - a business deserving our praise
To carry fortune on your wing
That's how in life we had been with Sergei
In air and after landing.

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