Ballad Of The Green Berets (A Parody)

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Ancora un'altra parodia, di Leda Randolph

We were asked to fight a war,
We were told to pledge our lives,
We stand firm, said the Ft. Hood Three,
We won't kill the Vietnamese.

Side by side we walk as men,
Brothers one, until the end,
Black and white we think alike,
We will save but not take lives.

For all those who heed our cause,
Tell the world we're not alone,
Rally 'round and help us min,
Stand with us and we'll all came home.

We won't fight a war of lies,
Help us fight for what is right,
We want all the peoples free,
Shout the valiant Fort Hood Three.

Sing if you will -- to America's best
With silver wings -- upon their chest
Then of pris'ners -- in a torture cell
Sing of the land -- we've made a hell.

On our way -- we bravely go
Toward what end -- we little know
War drums roll -- neath a dark'ning sky
"Come,young men -- your turn to die."

Trained to play the super race
Trained to scorn a darker face
Trained in all the ways to kill
That small nations may know our will.

In a but a young wife waits
Not knowing what has been his fate
Not knowing if she too will live
Where bombs are what we have to give.

Sing if you will in this bitter hour
Sing of the men gone mad with power
Then of the child, the sun, the grass
Of better days that could came to pass.

But on our way we bravely go
Toward what end we little know,
And war drums roll neath dark'ning sky
"Come,young men, your turn to die."

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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