Ballad Of The Green Berets (A Parody)

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Un'altra parodia della famigerata Ballad of the Green Berets...

Silver wings upon my chest,
I fly my chopper above the best.
I can make more dough that way,
But I don't need no green beret.

Tennis shoes upon his feet,
Some folks call him "Sneaky Pete."
He sneaks around the woods all day,
And wears that funny green beret.

It's no jungle floor for me,
I've never seen a rubber tree.
A thousand men will take some test,
While I fly home and take a rest.

And while I fly my chopper home,
I leave him out there all alone.
That is where Green Berets belong,
Out in the jungle writing songs.

And when my little boy is grown,
Don't leave him out there all alone.
Just let him fly and give him pay,
'Cause he can't spend no green beret.

And when my little boy is old,
His silver wings all lined with gold,
He'll also wear a green beret,
In the big parade St. Patrick's Day!

We were asked to fight a war,
We were told to pledge our lives,
We stand firm, said the Ft. Hood Three,
We won't kill the Vietnamese.

Side by side we walk as men,
Brothers one, until the end,
Black and white we think alike,
We will save but not take lives.

For all those who heed our cause,
Tell the world we're not alone,
Rally 'round and help us min,
Stand with us and we'll all came home.

We won't fight a war of lies,
Help us fight for what is right,
We want all the peoples free,
Shout the valiant Fort Hood Three.

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