Lluís Llach
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OriginalEnglish Version by Gustavo Sierra Fernández
Amic que tants de cops em parles,My friend, you that so many times talk to me
aquí assegut,sitting here,
ulls abatuts,bowed,
mai no has sabutyou never has known
dir-ne allò justsay the just thing
del nostre absurd.of our absurd.
I avui que tinc el cos ple d'ànsia,And today that my body is filled with anxiety,
la meva sang,my blood,
les meves mans,my hands,
els meus afanys,my longings,
aquests pocs anysthese few years
m'estan cridant.are crying to me.
Qui va vèncer?Who overcame?
Qui dels ferros forjats per les bombesWho made of the irons wrought by the bombs
va fer un poble nou?a new people?
Qui va vèncer?Who overcame?
Qui damunt de tants cossos aixafatsWho upon of so many squashed bodies
va aixecar aquella casa per a tothom?rose a house for everybody?
Qui va vèncer?Who overcame?
Qui del llit s'aixeca amb el dret d'anarWho get up from his bed with the right of walking
pel carrer sense sentir por?in the street without feeling fear?
Pots dir-m'ho tu?Can you tell me?
Pots dir-m'ho tu?Can you tell me?
Saps que ningú.You know it’s nobody.
Tots hem perdut,Everyone of us have lost,
tots som vençuts.everyone of us are beaten.
I amic, renegaràs amb forçaAnd friend, you shall deny with might
d'aquesta nit,this night,
de qui som fills,of which we are the children,
d'aquest destí,of this destiny,
del nostre ahirof our yesterday
que ens ha traït.that has betrayed.
Però, amic, més que buscar respostes,But, friend, rather than search for answers,
cal adreçarit’s neccesary make ready
el foc, la llar,the fire, the home,
hem de guanyarwe have to win
tots aquests anysall these years
que estan cridant:that are crying:
Qui va vèncer?Who overcame?…

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