Muhammad Abbas-Bahram
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Versione inglese di Rebwah Fatar
Helperiste bogenekan
Rojê ebê killpey grri
Gishit rancideranii em share
ebête elqey rûrrshi u
eçite gerdinî keçtan
Filthy opportunists
One day the flame
Of the toilers of this town
Will become chains of disgrace
Around your shameful necks
Helperiste rurreshakan
Honrawesh bordûman u
qetmaxey zamtan la eba
ke weku seg topîn, laçun
leser kêlî her yeketan
enûsre be xeti gewre
emane bûn helperstan
emane bun çewsêneran
emane bun korpey çenid
sallî shorrshyan xinkan.
Shameless opportunists
Even poetry is a bombardment
To tear away your scabs
When you have all been removed
Like killers of dogs
On your gravestones
In large letters will be written
These are the opportunists
These are the oppressors
Who suffocate
The age-old ideals of revolution.

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