Azadî bo Kurdistan

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OriginalVersione inglese di Rebwah Fatar
Qurbanit bim xakî Kurdistan
Ke estake wêraneye
Xoshewîstît hênde billinde
lenau dilma, lenau xunima hêlaneye
I sacrifice myself for you my homeland
That is now left in ruins
My love for you is so great
In my heart and in my blood like a nest
Taqanekem shehîd kra
Korpay sauay Hellebje bû
Çon negiriyem bo em xake
Bû be paruy kundebebû
My only child
My only child was martyred
He was a baby of Halabja
How could I not cry?
How could I not cry for this homeland?
That has become a prey to owls
Xeyalltan xawe, Kurd qet namirê
Nexishey Kurdistan
Qet têknaçê, qet lanabirê
Qet têknaçê, qet lanabirê.
You are wrong
Kurds shall never die out
The map of Kurdistan
Shall never be destroyed,
shall never be removed.

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