Us emene lääre Gygechaschte

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OriginalEnglish version from Everything
Us emene lääre GygechaschteFrom his empty violin case
Ziet er sys Inschtrumänthe pulls his instrument
Und dr Chaschte verschwindetand the case disappears
Und er spilt ohni BogenAnd he plays without bow
Es Lied ohni Worta song with no words
Und er treit e Zilinderand he wears a top hat
Doch drunder ke Chopfbut below there's no head
Und ke Hals und ke Lyband no neck and no body
Keni Arme, no Beino arms, no legs
Das het er alles verloren im Chrieghe has lost them all in the war
Und so blybt no sys LiedAnd all that remains is his song
Nume das isch no daonly that still remains
Denn ou e Zilinderbecause also a top hat
Het er nie kene gha.he has never owned.

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