Il vecchio e il bambino

Francesco Guccini
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Versione inglese di Daniele Nicolucci
‘No syen ya ‘no nānyet săn kapvār părkāndeAn old man and a child took each other's hand
ya veār enŏde inkoātro to hēzbro.and went together towards the evening,
To tezyī moukavos adhēgne yanlāndethe red dust lifted in the distance
ya to heil eklukne săn leuk nătēbro.and the sun shone unreal light
To lyŭn genămāess fenne ladŭlestāiThe immense plain seemed to reach
petrīg to āk nă gūm to gribne niezestāiup to where a man's eye could look at
ya ŏllanhercente năvere năigenoand all around there was no one,
casak to profīl mierăk nă durnāi nă smēno.only the gloomy outline of towers of smoke
Tobāie marsyne, to leuk adsumbărne,The two walked, the day fell,
to syen bucindălne ya ŭngiet landărne.the old man spoke and softly cried;
Săn alŭmu năsĕont, săn t’ākāi geseialwith a vacant soul, with wet eyes
urmorne to mendăn na mŭtāi getreial.he followed the memory of past myths
To syenāi hŭbgīyă gitenāi păr t’ivāi,Old people suffer the ravages of the years,
nădudnă ekdāistāi to gaz ek to sānāi,they cannot distinguish the true from the dreams;
to syenāi nădudnă in isăn foglāzold people cannot, in their thoughts,
ekdāistāi in sānāi to vaus ek to gaz.distinguish in dreams the false from the true
Ya to syen dāyne nieztūruse adlānde :The old man said, looking afar:
« Togĭni ŏllanamăn geteikăn săn cānde,"Imagine this covered by wheat,
togĭni to karvāin, togĭni to blamāinimagine the fruits and imagine the flowers,
ya fogli to vākāin ya fogli to barvāin.and think of the voices and think of the colours
Ya’n nām lyŭn petrīg to āk indesiedeAnd on this plain, up to where it gets lost,
kurusnă to fagāi y’ŏll vere ehsyede,trees grew and everything was green;
esyne to esyont, morăgnă to heilāithe rain fell, the suns marked
to rŭtmăn nă to gūm ya nă to timpāi.the rhythm of man and of seasons"
To nānyet ārstodā săn to niezo hārk,The child stopped, his gaze was sad,
to ākāi nieznă ad dŏlcāi gesyusdārk.and his eyes looked at things never seen;
Ya duyā la to syen săn to vāk sāntūrus,and then told the old man, with dreamy voice:
« Kabānāin gurvăm, ōlāin sē dāistūrus. »"I like fairy tales, tell me more"

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